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    Schutt F7 VTD Adult Available in adult sizes S-XL
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    Schutt F7 Youth Available in adult sizes S-XL

Football's Next Game Changing Helmet

      Expected to rate 5 +STARS ­ Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™

F7 VTD Technology

The F7 VTD was developed with new Tekontic Plate technology that offers superior protection from rotational impacts. This is extremely important as the scientific and medical research experts consider rotational forces to be the primary cause of brain injuries, like concussions.The Tektonic Plates move independently of the helmet shell, thereby reducing the force of the impact and distributing the rotational energy of the impact. Advanced Shell construction incorporated with TPU cushioning throughout makes the F7 VTD superior to other models.Designed with the SUREFIT Air Liner combined with RDS Liner gives athletes superior comfort as well as protection. The helmet has great ventilation from front to back so athletes will keep cool while dominating on the gridiron. The F7 has a wide selection of titanium facemasks that are stronger and 60% lighter than traditional steel masks. Recommend for elite athletes and athletes that want elite protection. The F7 VTD is fully customizable and readily available in most colors and standard sizes.

Top Features

  • Polycarbonate shell Designed for high level impacts
  • Twelve vents Creates maximum airflow keeps the head cool during play
  • Titanium Faceguard Engineered exclusively from titanium – the most advanced faceguard metal in the world.Up to 60% lighter than traditional faceguards.
  • Rapid Release System You can attach or take off a faceguard with two small turns of a screwdriver and a twist!
  • Flexural Resistance and Temporal Design Features improved impact absorption and allow us to increase TPU Cushioning in those areas to improve impact absorption and performance.
  • SUREFIT Air Liner and RDS Liner Improves independent movement of the liner, TPU and the head, resulting in greater performance against rotational forces.

F7 Videos

  • Three Dimensional Movement

    (3DM) System protects against dangerous rotational impacts. Tektonic Plates move independently of the helmet shell, reacting in multiple directions to help better distribute the energy of impacts.

  • TPU Cushioning

    TPU Cushioning is the most advanced impact absorption system on the football field. Proven to absorb more impact more consistently across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet.

  • Schutt F7 Clip Helmet Stabilization System

    The Helmet Stabilization System (HSS) enhances your helmet's performance through better fit. A comfortable, durable fitting feature that gives you a secure, locked-in feeling inside the helmet.

  • Attached Titanium Faceguards

    The most advanced faceguard metal in the game. Titanium faceguards are up to 60% lighter than traditional faceguards and just as strong. They dramatically decrease the overall weight of the helmet.

  • Rapid Release System

    Featuring the Quarter Turn Release hardware, as well as the Twist Release Nose Bumper. You can remove or attach a faceguard in a matter of seconds.

  • Advanced Shell Construction Improves Performance

    Engineered Flexural Resistance areas into the F7 helmet shell. The back shelf and Temporal side wings improve the overall strength and durability of the shell in critical locations.

  • SUREFIT Air Liner and RDS Liner

    Most Comfortable Helmet and Improved Performance. The liners feature an increased number of inflatable pods, giving you a more secure, “locked-in” fit. In addition, the SUREFIT’s under layer is the all-new Radian Diffusion System (RDS) Liner. Improves independent movement of the liner, TPU and the head, resulting in greater performance against rotational forces.

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Perfect Birthday Present

Well worth the wait just to see the smile on our grandsons face when he opened the box! As I am typing this he is asleep with his helmet on! His words the best present ever!

By PJ. 06/19/18

I didn’t believe the other reviews.

I thought my speed flex would take weeks to come in the mail but it only took two days and I called customer service and they answered all of my questions

By Vlad. V 05/10/18

Great Price and Fast Shipping.

Easily ordered online. Bat was exactly what my daughter wanted new and unwrapped. Received it within a couple of days with easy tracking. Thank you very much.

By Ronald A. 04/27/18

Youth Speedflex - 5 Stars !!!

Best prices on the web hands down!!! Helmet was special ordered and I received it within 10 business days. Fast shipping

By William V. 04/09/18

Schutt F7

Looks great! Very sturdy. No impacts yet because spring drills and camp are in a few weeks but my son likes the fit and feel. I picked a mask from the choices given and it was supposed to be titanium but it feels heavier than a titanium mask of similar size. Otherwise very light compared to the Riddell Revolution he was issued by his high school team. The F7 and Xtech shoulders pads I purchased for him pair very well

By Mauricio D. 04/26/18

Great Product and Customer Service

I bought my Riddell Speedflex and received an email about how my selection was not available. The customer service rep worked with me to get what I wanted. It was a great experience and shipping was fast. 10/10 would recommend.

By Paulo B. 03/28/18

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