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At Safety First Sports, your protection is our top priority. Our team of former collegiate athletes and youth coaches have the experience and expertise, as well as the compassion and dedication, to truly put your safety first. We started our company after seeing first hand, used and unsafe equipment being handed to athletes. We were compelled to launch our company to offer athletes the most advanced equipment and protection available.

We work to continuously offer the most innovative protection technologies in the industry and to promote fundamentals to keep you safe on the field. We focus on protection, injury prevention and education, so our athletes can focus on their game with piece of mind. We partner with medical providers across the country to provide our customers with free education and resources on sports safety for football. 

Sports Science has evolved in providing technologies to better protect athletes. Our staff takes the time to research and select only the best sporting goods that are backed by sports science to offer our athletes elite protection. While the game will continue to become faster with stronger athletes, we strive to combat that added intensity by arming our athletes with knowledge and the best protection possible. 

Our staff of sports safety specialists is dedicated to your protection and helping you take your game to the next level, safely. If you’re serious about your protection on the field, then welcome home. 


Safety First Sports - Elite Protection For Athletes 


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