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Size: Medium

Color: Matte Black

Season: 2018

Product Features

The Varsity Z10 helmet features a new, lower-profile helmet shell that is unbelievably lightweight, along with the new helmet stabilization system. The helmet stabilization system gives a secure "locked in" feel inside the helmet. This helmet comes standard with a titanium Z10 faceguard and the SC4 hard cup chinstrap. The helmet has interchangeable crown liners and a TPU- enhanced SUREFIT air liner. This helmet is rated 5-star in the Virginia Tech helmet rating system. 

  • This Vengeance helmet has a lightweight titanium faceguard with earflap overlap
  • TPU enhanced inflatable SUREFIT air liner system for sides and back
  •  Lightweight, low-profile shell
  • Flexural resistance back shelf design
  • Interchangeable, non-inflatable crown pads 

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